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The Disneyland of Kharkiv

The Central Park is the most famous city park in Kharkiv. It occupies an area of about 100 hectares. After the reconstruction, Gorky Park in Kharkiv became one of the best parks in the former Soviet Union countries.

As of today, Gorky Park has 38 rides of several types: extreme rides, family rides, children rides, arcades, and special attractions – such as the special "House of Horror". Extreme attractions are decorated in the style of various cultures - Egyptian, Indian and others. Kids visiting the park can ride the carousel, play on the playground and indulge in other numerous entertainment activities. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Central Park from the Ferris Wheel.
In 1971, a cableway was commissioned. Its length is 1,387 meters.

The Central Park is one of the ultra-modern Ukrainian leisure parks now. During the reconstruction of 2007-2012, new sets of attractions, made in Germany, Italy, Canada, France and the UK, were purchased and installed, among them:


  • - the Entertainment Centre that is often called the Ukrainian Disneyland, one of best in Ukraine;
  • - the Ukraine’s largest roller coaster Ferris wheel (whose height is 55 m);
  • - the French carrousel;
  • - the haunted house;
  • - rides for small children;
  • - a complex for lovers of extreme sports, roller skating;
  • - the retro zone;
  • - the sports fields, a race track and other facilities.

The central amusement park was originally named St.Nickolas Park after St.Nickolas Church located nearby. It was built in 1893-1895. Since the selected area was far enough from the city center, the park was mainly designed for horse riding. The park was built according to the pattern of Bois de Boulogne in France - with avenues for horse riding and for riding in carriages. The park was called the communal park after 1917, and in 1937 it was called Gorky Park, like the central park in Moscow. The Central Park in Kharkiv is still called after Maxim Gorky, which was a surprise for me since this man is a former Soviet hero who used to glorify the "heroic deeds" of Soviet butchers... When will they open their eyes at his/their atrocities I wonder?
After the reconstruction, this park has probably no competitors in Ukraine, and is a little inferior to the best world analogues. I am sure it is the most modern and most beautiful park and entertainment in the country.
The Central Park became the hallmark of Kharkiv, the place where you can relax and have fun.

According to “Vouchercloud”, the British coupon codes portal, Gorky Park in Kharkiv has been recognized as the main attraction of Ukraine. The portal mapped the most attractive tourist attractions around the world. In Ukraine, the Central Park of Kharkiv, aka Gorky Park, became the most interesting attraction for the visitors.

Enjoy the Ecopark
Feldman Eco Park is an area for family entertainment. The park is located on the city outskirts. Feldman Eco Park has a huge zoo. All visitors have the opportunity not only to watch the animals, but also to enjoy the close contact with some of them in the area of the contact zoo.
The park is open from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. on weekdays, and from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. on weekends.
Feldman Eco Park has its own rules for visitors who come to the zoo.

It is prohibited to:

  • - to feed the animals with your food on the entire territory;
  • - to tease and to frighten the animals;
  • - to throw foreign objects into cages;
  • - to climb over fences;
  • - to smoke;
  • - to place a child on /over barriers and fences;
  • - to touch the animals with various objects (umbrellas, walking sticks, bags, cigarette butts, etc.);
  • - to knock on grids and glass of the buildings for animals;
  • - to bring your pets to the Ecopark (dogs, cats, etc.);
  • - to swim in the waters;
  • - to make inscriptions on posters, fences, benches, trees, buildings, decorative elements, etc .;
  • - to walk on lawns, to sit and to lie on them;
  • - to leave your children unattended;
  • - to make noise and to switch on loud music;
  • - to drink alcohol.

Remember that chips, crisps, candy, gum, etc. are a treat for the man, but not for animals.
Close contact and feeding of animals is only allowed at the petting zoo.
The food is provided by the employees of Feldman Ecopark.

Enjoy your stay in this wonderful park!

Stand and Ponder

Pokrovsky Park (Virgin Mary’s Protecting Veil Park) is also called the Terraced Park. It was built in 1951-1952 by a team of architects (H. Wegman, I. Zhilkin, M. Lutsky, A. Mayak).
The park is located along a descent adjacent to University Street, next to Virgin Mary’s Protecting Veil Monastery. The buildings of the Old Passage owned by merchant Pashchenko-Triapkin were located at this site before. They were subsequently destroyed during the Nazi occupation of Kharkiv. A terraced park was designed and built after WWII. From the top top the terrace you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city districts located on the bank of the Lopan, as well as Annunciation Cathedral.

You can see a monument to Hryhoriy Skovoroda in this park. It stands near the fountain at the site of the former territory of the Kharkiv Fortress. There is an Orthodox Cross at the top of the fountain; the water in the fountain was consecrated.

In 2009, the reconstruction of the park took place. The city authorities handed over the park utilities to the neighboring men’s monastery that is now in charge for the park maintenance. It must be the only city park in Ukraine owned by a monastery.

Pokrovsky Monastery had owned the territory of the present park in the past. You can admire the magnificent fountain and a cascade of waterfalls. The fountains is crowned with an Orthodox cross. The water in the fountain was sanctified by the vicar of the Kharkov diocese Archbishop Onufry of Izium. Archbishop said during the ceremony of handing the park over to the monastery:

"This beautiful fountain will give a life-giving coolness to people on hot days, but next to it there is a monastery, in which living water flows, extinguishing the sultry flame of sinful fire in the souls of people - this is daily worship. Therefore, anyone who comes to us, will find here freshness, peace and comfort."

Live and see.

Relax at the Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden is located in one of the quiet courtyards at 18 Maximilian Street in the Old Town, not far from Pushkin Subway Sation. It is an unusual sculpture garden that is open to visitors. You can visit this outdoor exhibition area located next to Hermitage Restaurant, sit and relax there. The Sculpture Garden was founded in 2005.
We saw fifteen bronze statues and one bust (Boris Pasternak bust) in this garden. They are devoted to the following Russian and Ukrainian poets, writers and public figures:


  • Hryhoriy Skovoroda, a famous Ukrainian philosopher, who lived and worked in Kharkiv;
  • Nikolay Gumiliov;
  • Leo Tolstoy;
  • Fiodor Dostoyevsky;
  • Piotr Stolypin;
  • Mikhail Bulgakov and his character Begemot the Cat;
  • Vladimir Vyssotsky;
  • Anna Akhmatova;
  • Marina Tsvetayeva;
  • Boris Pasternak;
  • Sergey Yessenin, a beloved Russian poet;
  • Vladimir Mayakovsky, a well-known Soviet poet;
  • Vassily Shykshin;
  • Taras Shevchenko depicted as a Cobzar, a hero of his famous tales;
  • Ivan Bunin;
  • Liudmilla Gurchenko, a famous Soviet actress, a native of Kharkiv.

As our guide explained to us, all the bronze statues are easily transported. In the future, the owner plans to show his collection in some other cities of Ukraine.
The walls of the entrance alley are filled with “book pages” and rolls with quotes from the works of well-known poets and writers. They must be the owner’s favorite writers and poets. You can see the busts of those writers next to the pages and rolls with quotes: Vladimir Nabokov, Ossip Mandelstamm, Georgiy Ivanov, Andrey Byelyi, Sasha Chornyi, Innokentiy Annensky, Velimir Khlebnikov, Alexander Block, Valery Briussov, Vladislav Khodassevich.
I must confess I am not familiar with the creative activities of every writer presented at the walls, but I thought I would pay more attention to their wisdom in the future.

Relax at the Love Bridge
The Love Bridge is another attraction of the city of Kharkiv. This is where lovers hang their padlocks as a symbol of their eternal love for each other.
Love Bridge is a very refined bridge with a very good location. Arrow Park with a boat station, the city circus and almost the entire city center next to Rosa Luxemburg Square are nearby. Many photographers are happy to do their photo sessions here.
It’s nice to walk along this pedestrian bridge and to feel the slight fluctuations of the bridge. Love Bridge has a graceful bend, which enhances its unusual and interesting character. In the evening, the backlight of the bridge is on and you can admire the sights for hours.

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