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French Cuisine

Paris Restaurant is a place which you have to visit least once! At least for the sake of enjoying the comfortable interior, the warmth and the stunning atmosphere. You will hardly find another place like this restaurant in the entire city. We were pleasantly surprised by the prices. You can’t say the dishes are too expensive, and their choice is large indeed. They have a great choice of delicious desserts.
The restaurant has seven exquisite halls located on the five floors of a former apartment house.

At the entrance to Paris Cafe

At the entrance to Paris Cafe

Paris Cafe_emblem downstairs

Paris Cafe_emblem downstairs


  1. 1) Actors' Hall – this hall presents exclusively dishes of French cuisine, among them classic dishes and those preferred by popular actors of the French cinema;
  2. 2) Chocolate Hall – a glass terrace overlooking Yaroslav the Wise Street;
  3. 3) Petty Paris – a hall with a huge picture on the wall and antique plates;
  4. 4) Behind the Scenes - Here you can find dishes of author cuisine and cosmopolitan cuisines, reflecting the different taste preferences of the planet, along with traditional desserts and confectionery;
  5. 5) Glamor Hall - hall, consisting of three floors with showcase tables, in which various gadgets are sold;
  6. 6) Paris Comic Theater - Here you can diversify your evening watching Art House style movies. The show starts at 8 p.m. It’s also time for some live music;
  7. 7) L'Orangerie - the top room with some great views of the city.
There is Paris Brasserie on the first floor where you can buy boutique confectionery.
We liked everything about this restaurant : the interior, the romantic atmosphere and the French finesse of the dishes, the music... It is so romantic, quiet and calm. You can enjoy and talk with your friend. It’s true the tables are very small there, but you can look into the eyes of your beloved one. Even the toilet is a work of art here, with its copper wash basins and a water basin with rose petals. It is a great restaurant, the only one of its kind in the entire Ukraine. My wife went to cafes in other parts of the city when she was in Kharkiv on business, but she always went back to Paris Restaurant .


It’s one of the best restaurants in Kharkiv, in our opinion. Everything was tasty, it was a good value for money, and the interior is beyond praise, especially the greenhouse hall L'Orangerie. A memorial plaque at the entrance reads, Dedicated to the French-Ukrainian friendship.
The staff is friendly and energetic; our waitress had a nice smile on her face, and treated us with particular trepidation and respect.
Paris Restaurant is indeed a place where you can plunge into a magical world.
Thank you for the quality service, dear staff of Paris Restaurant !

American Cuisine & Local Food

Booterbroad Cafe ("Sandwich Café” in English) is called a good combination of fast food and restaurant. This is a place for those who want the best value for money. It offers delicious homemade food, delicious pizzas at an affordable price. This café is a godsend for those who want a hearty and quick lunch during a break at work. The café has as organized service and a comfortable interior space.

Sandwich Cafe

Sandwich Cafe




They have self-service there. We ordered khachapuri and homemade sausage. Khachapuri turned out to be raw, and we had to complain to the waitress who, in her turn, invited the cook who turned out to be a young Armenian man. Soon the khachapuri was returned to us. He only fried it a bit more, but that did not improve the taste and the look of it… We wished we had chosen another dish (excellent home-made dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, as an advertisement had promised) or another café altogether. However, we enjoyed a beer with snacks there.a beer or two with snacks and enjoy the ambience. Also, you can sit here breakfast and enjoy a warm cup of coffee, watching the flow of constantly hurrying people.
They have American style décor with lots of pictures “from America”. I liked the kiosk at the entrance with an original name "Pharmacy". The inscriptions on the kiosk read, "For your headache! No prescription needed! For boredom! For your heart, for your soul!" Here, at this original "drugstore", you can buy some alcohol to take home or even drink at the café to relax in your good company.

Puzata Khata

Puzata Khata Fast Food Restaurant (“Paunchy Cottage”, from Ukrainian) is located at 2 Sumy Street, the main city street, in an old apartment house. We enjoyed chicken Kiev and their salads. The ambience was great too. The interior was made to illustrate the old houses of this part of Ukraine.

Puzata Khata Restaurant

Puzata Khata Restaurant

You can plunge into the atmosphere of the Sloboda Ukraine of the 19th century. You can take a look at the forge, to witness the mystery of the creation of pottery, relax with a delicious meal in any room of the numerous rooms of your choice.

The restaurant has a large selection of traditional inexpensive and tasty Ukrainian dishes, a large number of seats, and a children's playroom.
The historic building in the center of Kharkiv located at the beginning of the street houses this restaurant on its two floors. The interior may look like a good old Soviet canteen. Take a tray and choose a nice dish, walk the stairs to the second floor - a small, but beautiful hall with wooden black tables. The hall has excellent views of the street, so try to take a table by the window.

McDonald's Forever!


While visiting Lovers Monument in Pushkin Street (Architect Beketov Subway Station), we dropped in at McDonald’s Restaurant that seems to be exceedingly popular in Kharkiv, especially among young people. This restaurant has also McDrive section.
Overall, there are nine McDonald’s Restaurants in Kharkiv. As to the entire Ukraine, the first McDonald’s Restaurant was opened in Kyiv on May 24, 1997. As of today, there are 76 McDonald’s Restaurants in 22 Ukrainian cities.


Named After Bulgakov's Hero

Sharikoff Restaurant located in the Old Town is officially called a tavern restaurant of Slavic and French cuisine.
The restaurant's interior is stylized as a time of the heroes of the famous novel of Mikhail Bulgakov – Heart of a Dog (1925). There is a well-known Soviet movie made after this novel.
The restaurant’s first floor represents Professor Preobrazhensky’s dining room, his mezzanine library and operating room. The VIP Hall represents the professor’s office. There is Sharikoff’s favorite tavern on the lower floor "Stoplight Tavern".

Sharikoff Restaurant

Sharikoff Restaurant

The walls are full of antiques purchased at flea markets, which will help plunge into the atmosphere of the bygone era. The Summer Terrace represents Gostiny Dvor (“Guest House”) - a commercial arcade of the early twentieth century.

Sharikoff Restaurant

Sharikoff Restaurant


All in all, the restaurant halls have 300 seats, and the terrace has the same number of seats. This extraordinary restaurant got its name from the protagonist of the famous novel by Bulgakov - Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov, who appeared at the turn of epochs, during the collision of the pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary cultures. Nevertheless, the name does not imply the person who represented the worst features of the proletariat in the times of Mikhail Bulgakov. On the contrary, Sharikoff, in the understanding of the restaurant staff, embodies the features of the new people, which is stressed by the double FF at the end of last name, - the person who had changed due to the fact that the times of Professor Preobrazhensky and Assistant Bormental were back. As the staff explains, this name emphasizes the democratic character of the restaurant that is accessible to the people with a variety of material prosperity.

The menu is diverse and includes a lot of well-known dishes with an added flavour of this place, such as solianka in the Old Professor style in a bread pot. The chef calls the dishes People’s and Nobility Cuisine. Some dishes are called the zest of the restaurant:

  • Pancake Menu called “In blino veritas” – “The truth is in pancakes!” (the pancakes are cooked in your presence);
  • “Hurry and take it” – salad bar with traditional Slavic snacks (herring salad, jellied meat, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, olives, pickles, stuffed pike, dolma, etc.).
  • “Abyr vulg” sushi bar (its name is the name of Glavryba fish store written in reverse order, pronounced by the former dog who underwent a transfiguration operation at Professor’s clinic).
  • wonderful desserts from the restaurant’s own patisserie with a proud tradition;
  • tea made from aromatic herbs right out of the samovar, where the heat is maintained with a calf boot, like in the good old times.

The prices here are more expensive than average I would say.

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