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Festivals and Events

Something not to be missed

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One Street Festival

This festival became popular with city residents and guests. We attended this festival dedicated to University Street.
One Street Festival brings together the city's history, culture and creativity. The festival moves from street to street, telling the residents and guests their story, introducing significant events and the people who used to live in the city before.

One Street Festival4

One Street Festival4


There are tours, lectures, presentations, fairs, workshops, performances, and charitable events for children and adults during the festival. In addition, we attended a knights’ tournament, where the members of a local reconstruction society showed themselves as warriors.
We also saw the table of the "Freedom to Pedestrian" initiative group. They talked to pedestrians, explained them the aims of their initiative group to them and asked the pedestrians to sign their petition on turning University Street into a pedestrian precinct.

One Street Festival_15

One Street Festival_15


It was interesting to join the tours and to listen to the lectures during the One Street Festival dedicated to University Street. As the Kharkivites say, the city story began in this street. Here the Kharkiv Fortress was located, as well as the Governor's Palace and other historical buildings of the city. University Street is a street of Kharkiv’s prosperity, as people say.

The unofficial motto of the festival is, "Develop while having fun!" The organizers of the festival - historians, guides and artists, representatives of civil society organizations - contributed to the overall joy of the festival. They all strive to create a new identity of their city - the friendly and understandable Kharkiv.
You can reach University Street and the monastery park from the river embankment, if you climb a broad staircase. The locals call it Potiomkin Staircase of Kharkiv after its twin staircase in Odessa.

Potiomkin Staircase of Kharkiv

Potiomkin Staircase of Kharkiv

A view of Potiomkin Staircase of Kharkiv

A view of Potiomkin Staircase of Kharkiv

A view from Potiomkin Staircase of Kharkiv

A view from Potiomkin Staircase of Kharkiv

A City Tour with Max

Tours with Max

Tours with Max


Walking tours of Kharkiv have become very popular among the city residents and guests. Please do not miss a tour with Max Rosenfeld on a weekend. Follow the city advertisements. Almost every week there is this or that festival where you can listen to a city guide. If you are lucky, you will join a tour with Max. They do not charge you any exact fee, and you are free to leave the tour whenever you wish. However, the tour participants are asked for an affordable donation of UAH 70.
Maxim Rosenfeld is the author of the project "Kharkiv Tours with Max Rosenfeld”. He is a lecturer at the State Design and Arts Academy, assistant professor of the architecture department, an artist, a designer, the author of "The Globe of Kharkiv", and a connoisseur of this city. His web page.

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City Transportation

Metro, buses, trams and trolleybuses

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Names of Subway Stations

Using the Metro

Using the Metro

Using the Metro

Using the Metro


Traveling by Kharkiv Subway, you will hear the announcements in Ukrainian. The names of the stations on the scheme of the subway were also transliterated into English for you to read the Ukrainian names of the stations. I thought it would be useful for you to have the translation of all

those station names in English, and made this translation for you, fellow travellers.
Using the Metro

Using the Metro

Here is the list of all stations with Ukrainian and English names:

Red Line

Kholodna Hora – Cold Mountain
Pivdennyi Vokzal – Southern Station;
Tsentral’nyi Rynok – Central Market;
Maidan Konstytutsiyi – Constitution Square;
Prospekt Haharina – Gagarin Avenue;
Metrobudivnykiv – Subway Builders;
Zavod imeni Malysheva – Malyshev Factory;
Moskovs’kyi Prospekt – Moscow Avenue;
Palats Sportu – Sports Center;
Armiys’ka – Army Station;
Imeni Masel’skoho – Maselkyi Station;
Traktornyi Zavod – Tractor Factory;
Industrial’na – Industrial Station.

Green Line

Peremoha – Victory Station;
Oleksiyivs’ka – Oleksiyivka;
Zvadsiat’ tretioho serpnia – August 23 Station;
Botanichnyi Sud – Botanical Gardens;
Naukova – Science Station;
Universytet – University Station;
Arkhitektora Beketova – Architect Beketov Station;
Zakhysnykiv Ukrayiny – Defenders of Ukraine Station;
Sportyvna – Sports Station.

Blue Line

Heroyiv Pratsi – Labor Heroes;
Students’ka – Students Station;
Akademika Pavlova – Academician Pavlov Station;
Akademika Barabashova – Academician Barabashov Station;
Kyivs’ka – Kyiv Station;
Puskins’ka – Pushkin Station;
Universytet – University Station;
Istorychnyi Muzey – History Museum Station.

Website: Kharkiv Metro
Around the City by Bus/Tram

City buses are fast and reliable

City buses are fast and reliable


Around the city by bus: As of today, there are about 150 bus routes in Kharkiv. The city bus traffic is serviced by 1,200 buses on a daily basis. Those buses belong to 68 bus transportation companies, the majority of which are private ones.

Most of the bus routes are linked to this or that subway station. We call those buses marshroutka or micro autobus. They are also called green buses since the majority of them are green. The bus fare is usually UAH 5-7. The minibus transport passengers and baggage on the specified routes. Passengers have an advantage: they can board and disembark in any location that is not prohibited by traffic rules. Under this mode of operation of buses and minibuses, the fare is high and travel benefits (those of pensioners and veterans) do not apply.

Exploring Kharkiv by Tram: There are thirteen tram routes in Kharkiv, among them eight are regular ones: 1, 7, 8, 12, 20, 23, 26 and 27. Route No.26 (Leo Tolstoy Square – Forest Park) is 25 km long (43 stops). We used Tram 23 during our stay in Kharkiv. The tram fare is UAH 2.5.

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